Bans and penalties can be accrued in a number of ways, by Players, Coaches & Managers, and supporters of teams. These can vary from a yellow card, individual bans, forfeiture of a game, loss of league points, to permanent exclusion from the league.


Yellow & Red Cards

The league not only issues yellow and red cards to players, but does also to Team Managers & Coaches.

Yellow and red cards can be issued by a referee at any time on the day of the game - either before, during, or afterwards.


On the issuance of a red card to a player, the player must leave the field of play, and remove himself from the area around the pitch to be a minimum of 20 metres away from any pitch touchline.


If a manager or coach is issued with a red card, they also must remove themself from the area around the pitch to be a minimum of 20 metres away from any pitch touchline.


A red card carries an automatic MINIMUM ban, of one game, which is the teams next scheduled game, whether league or cup. Bans can not be carried over for any reason.

An offence of a red card from two yellow cards normally attracts only a one game ban. However, on the issuance of any red card, reports are submitted to the league. The league then decides if any further reporting or ban is necessary. Bans for yellow and red cards are highlighted below:


Bans and Red Cards

Minimum ban for a red card is 1 game. For serious offences, bans can be extended indefinitely to permanent exclusion.

For a red card offence the offender should not be present at his teams next game in any capacity.

Bans are judged on each individual offence, but an indicator follows:

- Violent Conduct, striking an opponent - minimum 10 game ban. Ban for an instigator of a violent incident is normally one season or more.

- Spitting on an opponent - minimum 10 game ban.

- Verbal or physical abuse of a referee - bans up to permanent exclusion.

- Any inappropriate behaviour deemed to the detriment of the league whether any card issued or not - bans of up to permanent exclusion.


Accrual of Yellow Cards

The accrual of yellow cards by an individual in a single season can also result in a ban for that individual. This is done on the following basis:

- 4 yellow cards - 1 game suspension

- 2 further yellow cards (6 in total) - a further 1 game suspension

- 2 further yellow cards (8 in total) - the league will review the players record and impose a further ban

For the accrual of yellow cards, a red card will be counted as 2 yellow cards, hence a player that receives 2 reds, or 1 red plus 2 yellows, will face a 1 game suspension, etc.


Financial Exclusion

Additionally, an individual may be excluded from the league because of a financial issue - the individual(s) team may have outstanding fees owing to the league, or the individual may have outstanding fees owing to a previous club in the league. Exclusion can normally be removed on payment, which should be discussed with the league via the contact form.



A full list of individuals that are banned for more than one game or financially excluded cannot be published due to UAE defamation law. However bans exceeding the usual minimum one game are notified to team managers individually.


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