The league believes that football should always be played with mutual respect of both the referee and your fellow opposition. On the football field you should treat others as you would wish to be treated.


The Dubai Amateur Football League wishes to house football in a positive environment, where all can play with confidence and without fear. As such, the league has a zero tolerance to violent and/or intimidatory behaviour, by players, coaches, managers and supporters. When such behaviour is identified by referees and league officials, there is no leniency, no appeal, no second chances. Bans are severe (more about bans on that web page).


When a report is made against a player or team, the following procedure is in place:

1. Reports gained from; Match referee, both team managers, any other referees or league officials in attendance (in any capacity).

2. Once the reports are collated (refusal to submit a report is also treated as a disciplinary offence), the league again discuss the incident with the referee. Reports from managers, players and other parties may be shared with the match referee, if the league feels there is a benefit in doing so. Reports by referees are NEVER shared and are viewed only by the league management.

3. A decision on any bans or league action is then taken, with immediate effect.


It is important to state that the league ALWAYS supports referees. If a referee clearly reports that he saw an incident, without any doubt, then his word is taken above all others.


Every referee has their own boundaries. What some consider as tolerable behaviour, others do not. Players & Managers should always adopt best behaviour as a policy, which will minimise the effect of any particular behaviour boundaries that a particular referee may have.


Team Managers have an important role to play. You are leaders, and your behaviour is likely to be deemed as the level of acceptable behaviour by your players in any game situation. Lead by example, and with respect, and your players will do also. A team manager is there to lead, inspire and set the tone for his teams behaviour. When a team manager sees one of his players acting inappropriately, he should always tell this player that his behaviour is unacceptable.


As a culturally inclusive league, the Dubai Amateur Football League follows guidelines of the English Football Association 'RESPECT' policy. More on this policy can be found at;





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