Pre Season Friendlies Season 17/18

As with previous seasons, the league can assist your club in arranging pre season friendlies.

Teams are of course welcome to sort out their own friendlies, but most teams use this system as it takes a lot of pain away from the process.


The format is simple. Email the league stating:

1. The dates that you would like to play (please let us know as many dates Sunday-Wednesday as possible to maximise your options)

2. The preferred division(s) of your opposition.


The league will update the friendlies list every 24/48 hours and matches teams as per requests.

Note that once you have made a request for a friendly, it is your responsibility to check the friendlies updates to see if you have a fixture.


The cost of friendlies is as follows:

Team pitch fee - this fee should be paid to the league account in the same week that your friendly is played.

Referee fee - 125dhs per team - this fee should be paid directly to the referee, in cash on the night.


Any questions, please let me know.


Please see below for current friendlies list.



1. Red text indicates additional updates since the last updated list

2. Green Highlight indicates fixture available