Rules of the League

The Dubai Amateur Football League matches are played in accordance with FIFA 'the Laws of the Game of Football 2015, with some local permitted modifications and exceptions which are highlighted on this page.


Players, Coaches, Managers and Referees in the Dubai Amateur Football League should familiarise themselves with the laws of the game, a copy can be obtained from the FIFA website by following the below link:




Modifications, exceptions and noticed highlights of 'The Laws' present for the Dubai Amateur Football League 2015/16:


LAW 2 - The Ball

It is the ultimate responsibility of the Home team to provide sufficient number of match balls to ensure that the game can continue without undue delays. However the league asks that the away team should always have an additional supply of match balls available should they be required.


LAW 3 - The Number of Players - Number of Substitutions

In all matches, the permitted number of players acting as substitutes will be a maximum of five per team. All  players and substitutes will be listed on the TEAM SHEET before the game commences. Names listed cannot be changed.

In the Premiership, once substituted, a player may NOT return to the field of play.

In Divisions 2, 3, 4 and the Vets League, 'rolling' or 'return' substitutes are allowed, in that a substituted player can return to the field of play an unlimited number of times.

In games that feature 'rolling' substitutes, teams will act responsibly to limit the disruption and assist the flow of the game by timing substitutions effectively. If the referee feels at any time that excessive substitutions are causing disruption, he may limit teams from making substitutions until such time that he sees fit.


LAW 4 - The Players Equipment

Note that Shinguards are ESSENTIAL equipment in the Dubai Amateur Football League. Any player not wearing shinguards will be asked to leave the field of play by the referee.


Normal eye glasses are NOT ALLOWED on the field of play, under any circumstances.


Football Boots with METAL studs are NOT ALLOWED on the field of play, under any circumstances.


LAW 6 - The Assistant Referees

Each team will provide one person to act as an Assistant Referee. The referee will provide flags to each Assitant Referee.


LAW 7 - The Duration of The Match.

If for any reason a match shall start later than it's scheduled Kick Off Time, the referee shall reduce each half by a corresponding amount of time, to ensure that the game finishes on time.

Teams that are found to delay Kick Off Time for any reason may be fined for resulting excessive pitch time and/or forfeit the match.


Half Time - Half Time interval shall be FIVE minutes.


Abandoned Match - The league will make a decision on the result and any subsequent replay of a match which is abandoned for any reason.





   Vets Over 35 League

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