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Get Involved With The Dubai Amateur Football League

No matter what your interest, the Dubai Amateur Football League has football for YOU.

Click on the relevant link to connect to whatsapp with a league administrator and chat about getting started.
Or send us an email, to

New Player? Competitive or Social, Adult, Vets, Youth, Junior?

We have social groups and competitive leagues for all abilities, choose the one that is right for you.

Casual Open Age Matches

Truely Social and Vets (over 35 to 55+) for those that like a more leisurely match


Youth and Kids Football 

New Team? Do you manage a Team? We have leagues your team to join

Adult 11 a side, 7 a side and 5 a side.
Competitive and Social leagues Junior and Youth age groups from Under 6 all the way up to Under 21.
Click on the link to connect to us via whatsapp, or email us at

Team Managers - Want to Enter your team into a League?

Coach, Manage, or Referee If you have skills off the pitch, we can use them.

Our leagues wouldn't be anything without the people that referee our games, and coach & manage our teams.
If you would like to contribute your skills to the Dubai Amateur Football League,
click on the whatsapp link below, or email us at 

Coaches, Managers and Referee Want to get involved?