Updated 18th October

Fixtures will be updated to the website schedule overnight this evening (18th), as there is an additional web update happening.

Sun 21st League 3 Go Pro Football Academy Red v Go Pro Football Academy White 8.45pm Sevens
Sun 21st League 3 Romanians v APC 8.45pm Jebel Ali P1
Sun 21st League 3 DHL Dragons C v CIGNA 8.45pm Jebel Ali P2
Sun 21st League 3 SPINA v Zagros 8.45pm Jebel Ali P3
Sun 21st League 3 Dubai St Roadmen v Irish E TBC Jebel Ali P5
Mon 22nd League 2 Barasti Nomads v Notorious DXB 8.45pm Jebel Ali P2
Mon 22nd League 2 Dubai Blue v Team Clarke 8.45pm Jebel Ali P3
Mon 22nd League 2 Lets DXB v Irish D TBC Sevens
Mon 22nd League 2 Slugs & Goats B v RAK City 8.45pm Jebel Ali P5
Tues 23rd League 1 Bears Football Club v Admirals FC 8.45pm Jebel Ali P3
Tues 23rd League 1 Sand Dance Tyres v Invictus 8.45pm Jebel Ali P5
Tues 23rd League 1 DHL Dragons B v Irish C TBC Sevens
Weds 24th Premiership International Falcons v National Paints Blues 8.45pm Jebel Ali P1
Weds 24th Premiership DHL Dragons A v Desert Snakes 8.45pm Jebel Ali P2
Weds 24th Premiership Slugs & Goats A v Dubai Irish A 8.45pm Jebel Ali P5
Weds 24th Vets League Energiser Vets v Anextour Kickers Vets 8.45pm Jebel Ali P3
Weds 24th Vets League Bears Vets v Burjeel HAS Vets 8.45pm Sevens
Weds 24th Vets League Grizzly Vets v Dubai Football Club Vets 8.45pm Sevens
Weds 24th Vets League Dubai Redbacks Vets v Allstars Vets 8.45pm Sevens