The Dubai Amateur Football League is a culturally inclusive, social but competitive amateur 11 a side football league, played on full sized pitches in the Emirate of Dubai, United Arab Emirates.
The largest amateur football league in the Middle East with well over 2000 players and in excess of 50 teams, the league provides an opportunity for residents of the UAE with a wide variety of footballing abilities, to play in an organised and structured format.
Operating for over 30 years, the league finds it’s original roots dating back to sand pitches owned by the Creek, on what was later to become part of the Dubai Exiles Rugby Club site at Al Awir. .
For many years, the league consisted of a small number of mainly british expatriate teams, which played on a fairly informal basis. A league format was introduced by the year 2000, but still consisted of only 8 teams and was played in a short season, 7 a side format.
From 2001, 11 a side games were introduced as numbers increased and formed as the ‘Dubai Expat League’. The name was formally changed to The Dubai Amateur Football League in 2006, to reflect the culturally inclusive ethos of the league, with players of over 80 nationalities participating, which includes a number of Emirati amateur players. 
The league expanded to three divisions in 2008, to four divisions in 2011, adding a dedicated over 35s (Vets) division in 2012.
The league is proud to be a crosser of cultural divides and encourages people of all nationalities, ethnicities and backgrounds to come together for the shared love of football. The league places high values in fairness, equality and safety for all teams and players.
For the current 2017/18 season, the league again welcomes around 50 teams, which play in  4 regular divisions plus the dedicated Veterans Over 35s division. Whilst the vast majority of the participating teams comprise of adults over 18, recent seasons have saw participation from a small number of youth based teams, with players as young as 14 competing. Youth based teams currently competing in the DAFL include; Adastra Dubai FC, Go Pro Academy, and The Football Academy (TFA).
ʉ۬DAFL sees over 1200 players playing over the winter 11 a side season, which starts as the summer heat begins to relent at the end of September, through to the following May.
The league operates with games played across a number of facilities in and around Dubai, which include; The Sevens, Jebel Ali Shooting Club and Dubai Sports City. Games are played in the evenings, between Sunday and Wednesday each week, with Kick Offs usually at 8.45pm.
The 2018/19 season is set to be a further benchmark in the leagues history, with additional structure and activities being added, with social and casual football extending our football pyramid even deeper into the local community.