Casual Football

DAFL casual football will provide both a new extension to the existing league pyramid as well as being a football community for amateur players in Dubai with weekly games available to join without a long term commitment. 

DAFL casual football launched with games every week, on multiple days. Games will take place throughout the year, so if you can stand the heat, you can even play in the summer.

Whether you have been in Dubai for years or just arrived this is a great chance to play regular, well organised football at central locations around Dubai on different days of the week. Feel free to come alone or with a few friends. 

Whether you are content playing casual football or you want to use this as a stepping stone to join one of the 11 a side amateur league clubs or our new social platform, come and meet likeminded football players, get some exercise, score that winning goal and become part of the growing DAFL community. 

For each session, you pay just 60aed per session. It also includes VAT! Yippee!!

Please connect with us by either clicking on this link to join our whatsapp group
or send us an email.