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DAFL and Mediclinic announce strategic partnership.

Mediclinic is DAFL's healthcare partner.

Okkulo is the only vision performance system for elite teams that combines proven training methods with light therapy, cutting-edge technology, and the most recent sports science to give players the ability to see faster, and perform better, and it supports the club’s ambitions and objectives in key areas by working with multiple department heads.

This includes collaborating with the medical staff on rehabilitation, the academy coaches on player identification and fast-tracking key players, collaborating with the first team coaches to activate struggling players or sustain players as they age, and many more areas to explore.


Dr Dan Parnell, CEO of the Association of Sporting Directors said: “We are continually undertaking research with technological and performance-based partners to understand how they can help sporting directors deliver real and measured positive change. Okkulo is a fascinating innovation with the right leaders that we are committed to working with to help realise its potential in the football industry with our global membership of leaders.”

This collaboration intends to establish a knowledge transfer network and bridge the gap between real and present pain concerns for top teams, which will be addressed through focused initiatives with practical solutions. To widen their reach and knowledge, the ASD has already set a program and organized several events, including some European events, the first of which will be held in Spain.

Mel O’Connor, Founder and CEO of OKKULO said: “Partnering with the Association of Sporting Directors made sense from the beginning, our goal is to learn more about the current objectives, struggles and goals that the football industry has from a technical standpoint, and from the first conversation with Dan we knew we wanted to be a part of this network, their culture and willingness to learn and educate through the experts involved in the day to day is clear to see and we can’t wait to integrate the team with everyone involved.”


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