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New Teams


Do you have a team of players?


Are you interested in entering the Dubai Amateur Football League?

Please send us a message via our Contact page, with details including:

    - previous Dubai leagues or competitions that your team has played

    - the current age range of your players
    - the average ability of your players


If we have space and there is time, we will try to fit your team into the league.







New Managers, Coaches & Referees!


The Dubai Amateur Football League is always seeking referees.

If you are interested in refereeing, please send us a message via the contact page, detailing any previous refereeing experience that you have.

For those that have not refereed before, but have an excellent knowledge of the game, we can provide assistance for new referees in providing knowledge, experience and confidence to get you started.

Referees are paid an expenses fee per game, contact us for more details.


We always have teams in the league looking for additional help. If you have a 'wise head' and have coaching or management ability, please let us know via our Contact page.

Jose Mourinho's and Arsene Wenger's please note; all Manager and Coaching positions are voluntary and unpaid positions - we are an amateur football league.





DAFL Season 2017/18


The league has launched social & casual football, both for those that wish to play more and for those that wish to play at a more relaxed and informal level


Click this link for more details






For fixtures, please refer to the boxes in the right hand top corner of this page for links.


We will begin to upgrade the team pages to include team photos and other team information - requests going out to all teams shortly


Check the individual team links for lists of currently registered players, check the league tables and click on results to link to team and player stats, which will be updated regularly.


All team sheets for games played can be found on the DAFL Facebook page - all will be listed in a photo folder with the date of game played.


Key Dates for the Dubai Amateur Football League & Vets League (11 a side) 2017/18 season:


- from August until end of September - Pre season frendlies for league teams, organised by the league.

October 1st; League Games Start (Later starts available for teams)

December 14th - January 7th; Winter Break

May 16th; Likely Start of Ramadan (goal to be end of season)



A Big Night for the DAFL.

A Bigger Night for Slugs & Goats

New Players

If you are interested in playing for a team in the Dubai Amateur Football League, please send us a message via the Contact page, with details of your age, level of ability, and previous playing experience.


Note that the league is only for social amateur players whom are currently resident in the UAE.


Enquiries from professional players and players overseas will be ignored. We do not have contacts at professional clubs, we cannot assist anybody that is looking for a professional club and we do not allow professional players or professional trialists to play in the Dubai Amateur Football League under any circumstances.


If you are a professional player and wish to play football in the UAE, you should contact the UAE Football Association at


Monday 14th May

8.15pm Plate Final - Safa B v Dubai St Roadmen

8.30pm Bowl Final - Go Pro Academy v GPE Allstars Vets

8.45pm Trophy Final - PNI Allstars C v Bidibondi Dubai FC

9.00pm Cup Final - International Falcons v New Balance Allstars A


All finals are 45 mins each way, rolling subs, no extra time, straight to penalties (5 each, then sudden death if still equal).

The league provides linesmen for all finals.

Note that no new player transfers or registrations will be allowed from this point for participation in the finals









Cup FInals Night + Trophy Presentations for League Division Winners/Runners-Up


In a game that typified the average DAFL season - drama and goals a plenty, Slugs & Goats have made history as the first team to win promotion and then win the Premiership league title in the following season.

From going an early goal up against Allstars, then gaining a man advantage shortly after, when a Slugs & Goats attacker was brought down in a 'last man sending off'. Another two goals saw Slugs take a seemingly unassailable 3-0 lead, with only half an hour gone.

But the game was far from over. Allstars scored a clinical goal from a headed corner just before half time, before adding another quality strike early in the second half to regain momentum and shake the game up.

Just when it looked like the comeback of comebacks could happen, Slugs added a fourth midway in the second half, and sealed victory with a fifth shortly before full time as Allstars pressed forward in a bid to reduce the deficit.


Congratulations to Slugs & Goats. Commiserations to New Balance Allstars.

Additional congratulations for Blues in securing the League 1 title, McGettigan's Irish DWTC the League 2 title, Cara Allstars D the League 3 title, and Cabana Dubai FC the Vets League title.


All league trophies presentations for Division Winners and Runners Up will be at The Sevens on Monday 14th at the cup finals night.










Manager Team Sheets

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