Vets Over 35 League



Key Dates for the Dubai Amateur Football League & Vets League (11 a side) 2016-17 season

Note that all league managers will receive more details via email.


- Now until September 30th - Preseason frendlies for league teams, organised by the league.

- League games start Week Commencing 2nd October. Most teams are starting league games week commencing 9th October.


New Player & Team Opportunities for DAFL & Vets League

There is a new team being set up in the Vets League, with openings for players aged 35 and over.

Additionally, in October, teams will look for additional players to fill in gaps they have in their squads.


For new players and teams, use our contact form to get in touch with questions if you need more information.
A reminder, we have NO interest in professional players, overseas players, professional trialists, etc. Repeat, NO interest.

We can't help you play football, get you a visa, or find you a professional club.

Players looking to play professional football in the UAE should contact the UAE Football Association at


DAFL News Update 30th September 2016

New Players

If you are interested in playing for a team in the Dubai Amateur Football League, please send us a message via the Contact page, with details of your age, level of ability, and previous playing experience.


Note that the league is only for social amateur players whom are currently resident in the UAE.


Enquiries from professional players and players overseas will be ignored. We do not have contacts at professional clubs, we cannot assist anybody that is looking for a professional club and we do not allow professional players or professional trialists to play in the Dubai Amateur Football League under any circumstances.


If you are a professional player and wish to play football in the UAE, you should contact the UAE Football Association at

New Teams


Do you have a team of players?


Are you interested in entering the Dubai Amateur Football League?

Please send us a message via our Contact page, with details including:

    - previous Dubai leagues or competitions that your team has played

    - the current age range of your players
    - the average ability of your players


If we have space and there is time, we will try to fit your team into the league.







New Managers, Coaches & Referees!


The Dubai Amateur Football League is always seeking referees.

If you are interested in refereeing, please send us a message via the contact page, detailing any previous refereeing experience that you have.

For those that have not refereed before, but have an excellent knowledge of the game, we can provide assistance for new referees in providing knowledge, experience and confidence to get you started.

Referees are paid an expenses fee per game, contact us for more details.


We always have teams in the league looking for additional help. If you have a 'wise head' and have coaching or management ability, please let us know via our Contact page.

Jose Mourinho's and Arsene Wenger's please note; all Manager and Coaching positions are voluntary and unpaid positions - we are an amateur football league.






As part of the new website, we have launched a forum, which is intended to be a regular point of interest for all in the league, whether you are a player, coach, manager, or new to the league.


Please go to the forum, create a login and post.